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WaW Olasz hétvége
Írta: ADI_HUN 2012-08-24 16:01-kor

5 map - 128-as szerveren! Kell ennél több?



Do you wish for new maps and content in FH2? Would you like to fight on new battlefields in theatres not currently included in FH2?


This weekend, the newly formed FH2Tournament invites you to join us in our first public custom map event showcasing 5 custom maps spanning the Italian Campaign of World War II. These maps have been battled tested in several campaigns of the Forgotten Honor and World at War FH2 Tournaments.


As a special bonus we will be running the new 130 player player code which also allows 8 player squads. A big thanks to the developer Nemes1s and the FH2 devs involved in helping getting 64+ servers to work! This means even more epic battles on great custom maps!

Five outstanding custom maps are included in the event map pack.

Simply download and run the installer. It will ask for the location of your Battlefield 2 directory.

The maps and all required files will be installed. Your stock FH2 installation will not be interfered with.


When: Starting Friday, August 24th at


18:00 - UTC

21:00 - 9pm Eastern Europe


The Event will continue all weekend from Fri August 24th - Sun August 26th.

If the server

 happens to be empty, just load in and other players will join in no time.


Where (only 1 server will be available at a time, either F|H or WaW):

[Teamspeak 3 Server: Forgotten Honor

IP: ts.forgottenhonor.com


What is required to play:[/size][/b]

Battlefield 2 patched to 1.50, Forgotten Hope 2 mod 2.45, event map pack.

Download link:



Az eredeti, FHT-s link:


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